David M. J. Saslav

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  3. Oracle Work Experience
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Oracle Websites Launched, Constructed and/or Maintained:

The Renditions Music Services Website

The Ora*Cappella (Oracle Employee Choir) Website

www.oracle.com, Oracle's Primary Internet Website
Charter member of interdivisional site launch team, managed content externalization and QA team with responsibility for webmaster email, content provider tools, and comprehensive linkage reports.

"DTWEB" - The Desktop Products Division Website
One of first intranet sites at Oracle to exploit cgi interface to Corporate Repository documents for guaranteed up-to-date information on product lines and porting.

OraWeb (Intranet) Directory
First intranet site to attempt a comprehensive listing of all Oracle intranet sites, Yahoo!-style, serving as officially sanctioned information sources.

The OraWeb (Intranet) Menu
Oracle's official food services site; trained Bon Appetit personnel how to submit weekly menu offerings for all cafeterias in HTML. Site receives over 1000 hits per month.

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