David M. J. Saslav

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  • Sally Atkins, Senior Partner, IT Associates International; formerly of Stanford University:
    "People like Dave are rare... Dave understands and fervently promotes his company's vision, keeps the customers' needs front and center, and is a very pragmatic and practical implementor of ideas. He is a very gifted software professional who has learned his way around the industry, stayed on top of the hottest assignments in emerging technologies such as E-Commerce, and found ways to increasingly leverage his contributions with each new assignment. I'm trying to hire him myself!"
  • Former co-worker, Oracle's Internet Solutions and Electronic Commerce Center of Excellence:
    "I have never worked with such an enthusiastic and knowledgeable person before. Dave is always on top of the latest Internet technology, including an in-depth knowledge about Electronic Commerce. He is always willing to help others, and people often approach him for help since he always has resources to get you the answer if he does not already know it. It always amazes me how one person can be involved with as many things as Dave is at Oracle and still have time to perform so well at his direct responsibility."
  • Jack Haverty, Practice Director for Internet Solutions and Electronic Commerce Center of Excellence:
    "Dave is one of the most energetic and persistent people I've ever encountered. Given a direction, he will pursue it aggressively, and is especially good at ferreting out relevant people wherever they are in the organization and bringing them together to pursue a project. He has a good knowledge of how Internet technology is applied in emerging business mechanisms such as Electronic Commerce."
  • Senior colleague, Oracle's Enterprise Scalable Solutions Center of Excellence:
    "Dave displays a multitude of talents from Internet expertise to building a tremendous structure of informal links within Oracle. He has even taken the initiative to host the Oracle Cafe weekly menu, a web site that has become so popular that it is now linked from [Oracle's primary intranet starting page]."
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