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Melissa Smith, Pianist, Teacher, and Managing Director
David Saslav, Vocalist, Teacher, and Marketing Director


Our goal is to help you discover your musical talents by making piano and voice lessons accessible and affordable. We will tailor a learning program that is right for you, balancing your goals and requirements within a well-paced learning experience. Private lessons are scheduled on an individual basis and take place in our home studio on a 1908 Steinway grand piano. Instruction includes repertoire development, enhancing technique, sight-reading, music theory and musicianship. Please read the following carefully since it forms the basis of our agreement to work together. I will be happy to discuss any aspect of this policy with you.


Schedule 30 minutes of practice time per day, at least five days a week.


Lesson fees are negotiable, based on an hourly rate of $50 per hour. An introductory four lesson curriculum is available for $99. Fees are payable at the first lesson of each month. You will receive a receipt upon payment including the month's lesson dates.


Twenty-four hours’ notice is required to cancel any lesson. Failure to do so will indicate that you are FINANCIALLY RESPONSIBLE for that lesson. Except in cases of great emergency (serious illness or family death), you must be present during "our" time or pay for it.

The notion that students frequently have with regard to cancellation of lessons because they have not practiced sufficiently is misguided. Lessons may in fact be more important at that point as they serve as a reminder of good practicing techniques. "Non-practiced" lessons may also include theory, sight-reading, ear training, or other activities beyond working on your current repertoire.


If for any reason lessons are to be terminated, a month’s notice is required and a conference is suggested.


Every student will be invited to perform in recitals, scheduled periodically throughout the year. Informal workshops and masterclasses may also be scheduled, which students are encouraged to attend.

Contact MLS3@AOL.COM for more details.

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