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A technology leadership role combining Product or Program Management with the application of innovative technologies to real customer needs. Potential responsibilities to include:
  • the building and leveraging of technical communities;
  • the extending of communications from Product Development to corporate partners and/or customers;
  • the application of innovative technology alongside more traditional forms of interpersonal contact.

Oracle Work Experience:

1998 - Present Principal Product Manager (2002) and Senior Product Manager (1998-2002)
Server Technologies' Languages and Relational Technologies Division
Responsible for Oracle Internet Directory
    Responsible for all facets of production preparation for Oracle Internet Directory -- Oracle's LDAP v3 directory server.
    • Collateral development including Datasheets, positioning statements, market analysis
    • Active sales pipeline management
    • Multiple rounds of Beta program management
    • Tradeshow booth management
    • Created and delivered product curriculum, coordinated training sites and execution
    • Coordinated interdivisional efforts with Support, Marketing, Sales, Consulting, etc.
    • Reviewed all documentation revisions
    • Maintained intranet website devoted to product
    • Maintained internal forum and mailing list for technical product discussions
1997 - 1998 Senior Consultant
Advanced Technologies Center of Excellence
Responsible for Internet Solutions and Electronic Commerce
  • Developed and presented educational materials for Consultants' Train-the-Trainer classes on the InterOffice SDK.
  • Responsible for surveys of third party technology such as ichat
  • Developed and grew relationships with industry experts such as Philip Greenspun, author of Database-Backed Websites
  • Represented Oracle Consulting Services at Product Release Planning meetings for Oracle Internet Commerce Server
  • Delivered paper "Machine Resource Allocations for Websites" at Oracle OpenWorld 1997 in Los Angeles, CA.
  • Co-presented on Oracle ECommerce initiative at Professional Community Meeting, June 1997, in San Francisco, CA
  • Reviewed documentation of reusable engagement code for major OCS client
  • Worked onsite at major ECommerce client engagement sites, assessing security and functionality needs for project
  • Travelled to field offices for pre-sales interactions with ECommerce prospects
1995-1997 Website Construction Manager
Advanced Web Technologies Group
Responsible for http://www.oracle.com
  • Responsible for team of Quality Assurance testers, responsibilities included devising site file system naming conventions, final externalization policies for all corporate Web pages, site quality reporting, and maintenance tool selection
  • Designed and implemented content for divisional content providers including launch of Job Posting system on http://www.oracle.com/
  • Influenced and enforced design guidelines for content site-wide
  • Supervised Webmaster email processing and response
  • Coordinated educational materials and processes for content providers
1994 - 1995 Interoperability Engineer/Marketing Communications Manager
Desktop Products Division (now "Workgroup Solutions Division")
  • Created CR-frontended Website for Desktop Products Division
  • Maintained Corporate Intranet Yellow Pages
  • Responsible for launch of Desktop products in Free Trial Software program on Corporate Website
  • Manned Electronic Sales Force Helpdesk (infopc), answering or facilitating 1000's of interactions between Sales/Marketing and Product Development
  • Ensured quality of releases for Desktop Product Division products
  • Sales Consultant-like duties for special projects
  • Edited and revised documentation
  • Assisted product developers and marketing in defining feature sets

Previous Work Experience:

1993-1994 Vantive Corporation
Mountain View, CA
Customer Service and Sales Force Automation Software
Applications Developer
Customer Support Consultant
  • Technical Support: Supported early adopters of initial product offering
  • Application Development: Conducted needs requirements, evaluated third party packaged solutions for providing customers with full database reporting capabilities with initial product offering
1989-1993 IntelliCorp, Inc.
Mountain View, CA
Object-Oriented and CASE Tools
  • Pre-Sales and Post-Sales Support
  • Customer Training
  • Technical Marketing
1988-1989 GigaMos, Inc. (formerly Lisp Machines, Inc., now defunct)
Cambridge, MA
Lisp Machine Development Environment
  • Online Documentation System Design
  • Product Maintenance and Support

Oracle Websites Launched, Constructed and/or Maintained:

Oracle's Primary Internet Website (1995 - 1997)
Charter member of interdivisional launch team (January 1995), managed content externalization and QA team with responsibility for webmaster email, content provider tools, and comprehensive linkage reports.

"DTWEB" - The Desktop Products Division Website (1994-1995, division later renamed "Workgroup Solutions Division"
One of first intranet sites at Oracle to exploit cgi interface to Corporate Repository documents for guaranteed up-to-date information on product lines and porting.

OraWeb (Intranet) Directory (1994 - 1997)
First intranet site to attempt a comprehensive listing of all Oracle intranet sites serving as officially sanctioned information sources.

The OraWeb (Intranet) Menu (1995 - present)
Oracle's official food services site; trained Bon Appetit personnel how to submit weekly menu offerings for all cafeterias in HTML. Site receives over 1000 hits per month.


Massachusetts Institute of Technology
S. B. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, 1988
Humanities concentration (equivalent to Minor) in Music

Other Current Positions:

Co-Founder and Director of Marketing
Renditions Music Services,
San Francisco, CA
Dedicated to teaching, performing, editing, and programming of classical music events in the Bay Area. Includes artist management, multimedia artist marketing, voice and piano instruction, and event planning.

Paid Tenor and Recital Soloist, Bay Area
First Presbyterian Church Choir,
San Mateo, CA
Facilitate sectional rehearsals and church services through musical leadership.
Have performed roles in operas (in Capitola, CA) and given public voice recitals (San Mateo, CA and San Francisco, CA).

Also enjoy baseball, American history, cryptic crossword puzzles, stand-up comedy, radio journalism.


  • Sally Atkins, Senior Partner, IT Associates International; formerly of Stanford University:
    "People like Dave are rare... Dave understands and fervently promotes his company's vision, keeps the customers' needs front and center, and is a very pragmatic and practical implementor of ideas. He is a very gifted software professional who has learned his way around the industry, stayed on top of the hottest assignments in emerging technologies such as E-Commerce, and found ways to increasingly leverage his contributions with each new assignment. I'm trying to hire him myself!"
  • Former co-worker, Oracle's Internet Solutions and Electronic Commerce Center of Excellence:
    "I have never worked with such an enthusiastic and knowledgeable person before. Dave is always on top of the latest Internet technology, including an in-depth knowledge about Electronic Commerce. He is always willing to help others, and people often approach him for help since he always has resources to get you the answer if he does not already know it. It always amazes me how one person can be involved with as many things as Dave is at Oracle and still have time to perform so well at his direct responsibility."
  • Jack Haverty, Practice Director for Internet Solutions and Electronic Commerce Center of Excellence:
    "Dave is one of the most energetic and persistent people I've ever encountered. Given a direction, he will pursue it aggressively, and is especially good at ferreting out relevant people wherever they are in the organization and bringing them together to pursue a project. He has a good knowledge of how Internet technology is applied in emerging business mechanisms such as Electronic Commerce."
  • Senior colleague, Oracle's Enterprise Scalable Solutions Center of Excellence:
    "Dave displays a multitude of talents from Internet expertise to building a tremendous structure of informal links within Oracle. He has even taken the initiative to host the Oracle Cafe weekly menu, a web site that has become so popular that it is now linked from [Oracle's primary intranet starting page]."
Additional References Available on Request

Growth Areas of Interest:

  • Team Building
  • Product Planning
  • Budget Analysis and Business Planning
  • Application of rapidly evolving technologies:

Current Compensation Package Requirements:

$140,000 - $160,000/yr base salary (incentive bonuses optional)
Appropriate equity stake (expressed as options) in the future success of the company
Competitive Benefits
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Contact information for David M. J. Saslav:

Work Phone: (650) 506-6969
Work Fax: (650) 506-7221
Home Phone: (415) 333-3135
Mailing Addresses:
Work:  MS 4op5, 500 Oracle Parkway
Redwood Shores, 94065

Home:  409 Bella Vista Way
San Francisco, CA 94127